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【美文推荐】A Better Way to Plan Your Career【中英对照】

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by Robert C. Pozen | 11:00 AM November 29, 2012

作者:罗伯特 伯仁

My students frequently ask me how I planned out my career to become president of Fidelity Investments. I always tell them, "There was no grand plan; I backed into my career one step at a time."


In the years after I graduated from law school, I had no idea that I would ultimately become the president of a financial services giant. I held positions as a law professor, a senior official at the Securities and Exchange Commission, and a partner in a law firm.

在我刚刚从法律院校毕业的那些年,我不知道我最终会成为一个金融服务集团的主席.那时我是一个法律教授,一个证券 交易委员会的中级官员,一个律师事务所的合伙人.

But during these early steps in my career, I learned a great deal about myself: I found that I really liked doing deals and managing people, rather than drafting regulations and writing articles. So I accepted a job offer at Fidelity Investments in 1987, when it was still relatively young. I spent the next decade climbing the corporate ladder; in 1997, for a complex set of reasons, I was chosen to be president of the company.

但是就是在我职业的早期 ,我对自己有了很好的了解.我发现在真的很喜欢交易和管理人,而不是起草规则或者写文章.因此我在1987年接受了富达投资集团提供的工作,那时我还很年轻.我用下一个十年来爬职业之梯.在1997年,由于复杂的原因,我选择成为这个公司的主席.

What does my history suggest about career planning? That you can't control the trajectory of your career. There are just too many factors beyond your control that will shape your job options--global economic trends, political elections, and technological changes, just to name a few. So don't commit the hubris of thinking that you can determine your professional glide path.

我的经历对职业规化有什么启示呢?那就是你不能控制你的职业轨迹.有太多你不能控制的因素,这些因素会影响你的工作选择-世界经济趋势,政治选举,和科技变化, 只是列举其中的一些.因此不要想着你能决定你的职业规化.

On the other hand, you can increase your probability of success by approaching your career with the right mind-set--one that recognizes that career planning is a continuous process that has to be actively managed. At each step in your career, you need to ask yourself: What can I do next that will maximize my options in the future?

另一方面,你可以通过用良好的心态来提高你职业成功的可能性-一个人应该认识到职业规化是一个不断的过程需要好好的管理.你职业的每一部,你都应该问你自己,我应该做什么 才能在未来有更多的选择.

Gain Transferable Knowledge


This process begins with the choices you make at school. You want your education to provide you with the necessary skills and expertise to succeed in a wide variety of jobs. This means that you need to make smart choice about the courses you will follow. I favor those that involve extensive writing, rigorous analysis, or quantitative skills.

这个过程在你选择学校的时候就已经开始了.你想让你的教育为你提供能在很多领域成功的必要的技能和经验.这就意味着你需要在你要学习的课程 上做出明智的选择.我得益于我大量的写作,严格的分析能力,或者数量分析能力.

Once you have finished your formal education, search for jobs that will allow you to further expand your transferable knowledge — to help you find your next job. Let's say you take a job putting together airplane leases. Within a few years, you could become the world's expert on the subject; however, this narrow expertise probably won't help you in any other line of work. By contrast, if you take a job that will expand your computer programming skills, you can greatly boost your options for later steps in your career.

一旦你完成了你正规的教育之后,就找那些能让你可以获得可转移知识的工作,来帮助你找到下一份工作.让我们以飞机租赁为列.几年之内,在世界上你可能变成这方面的专家,但是,狭窄的专业知识在其他工作上对你不会有任何帮助.相反,如果你做了一个可以拓宽你电脑编程技术,你可以在以后的几年 里大大拓宽你的职业选择.

Gaining experience outside your home country is another way to develop transferable knowledge. I lived for almost two years in Africa and have spent considerable time in England, Japan, and China. Through those experiences, I learned to deal with different economic, cultural, and political environments — which later helped me evaluate or start business units throughout the world.

从别的国家获得经验也是发展可转移知识的一种方法.我在非洲生活了差不多快两年而且我在英格兰,日本,和中国也度过 了相当长的一段时间. 通过这些经历,我学会如何去处理不同的经济,文化,我政治环境-这些后来都帮助我评估或开创全球的业务.

Similarly, you can make yourself more attractive to more employers by working in different types of organizations during your career. For-profit companies may be concerned about hiring you if you have spent your entire career in government, for instance. At the top levels of management, publically traded companies often fear that a senior executive at a private company won't be able to adjust to the unique pressures of public shareholders and SEC mandates.

同样,你可以在你的事业上通过给不同的组织工作而让自己对于雇主有更多的吸引力.例如,对于营利性公司来说 如果如果你的整个职业生涯都在政府门,那么他们才会雇用你.在管理的高层中, 公共的贸易公司经常害怕一个私人公司高级主管不能适应公家股东特有的压力和美国证券交易委员会的授权.

Grow Your Network


As you gain transferable knowledge, remember that that is only one piece of the puzzle: your next step should also help you expand your web of personal relationships with peers. To paraphrase a slogan, "Organizations don't hire people. People hire people." The more people you know, the more people will think of you when a job pops open — even when it is not publicly advertised.

当你有了可转移知识以后,记住唯一的难题: 你的下一步是帮助你自己扩展你的人际关系. 解释一个标语:单位不雇用人,人雇用人. 你认识的人越多,当有空缺的时候越多的人会想到你-特别是当他们没有公开招聘的时候.

Of course, you can build your network to some degree without changing jobs: you can attend conferences or participate in committees at trade associations. But this sort of event-driven networking pales in comparison with the deep bonds you can develop with your colleagues by working, conversing, and traveling with them.

当然,你可以在不换工作的情况下在一定程度上建立自己的人际网;你可以参加会议或在贸易协会中成为委员.但这种与和你的同与通过工作, 交谈, 和旅游建立起来的那种深深的关系比起来显得有点苍白无力.

As you ponder your next career step, then, think about the networking advantages you might gain from it. If you're ambitious, you can expand your network by moving to a new company, or even a new industry; obviously, that would be a momentous decision. More modestly, you can grow your network by accepting a job in another unit of the same firm or by heading an interdisciplinary project staffed by people from multiple units.

当你考虑你职业的下一步计划时,那么,想一想你的人际关系的优势,你可能可以从中有所收获. 如果你有野心, 你可以能过去一个新公司,或者一个新的行业去扩展你的人际网. 很明显, 那将是一个很重要的决定. 更加谨慎一点的话,你可以通过接受同一个公司的不同部分的工作来扩展你的人际网或者去一个多元化的工程中.

In this tough economy and ever-changing world, it is more important than ever to smartly evaluate each step in your career. To prepare for whatever surprises lie ahead, try to make choices today that will maximize your options in the future. Gain transferable expertise — in the classroom or at work — and form close bonds with your peers and colleagues.

在这个经济萧条变幻莫测的世界, 精明的评估你的职业的每一步是很重要的.无论前面出现什么意外都要为之做准备, 尽量在今天做出选择,这将最大化你将来的选择. 获得可转移的经验-在教室或在工作中-和你和同事或同辈人建立亲密的关系.

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